Professional Staff

  • We have the right Technical Professional candidates to fit your requirements
  • Candidates must pass our qualification process before we present for client interviews.
  • Vermati can host and supervise staff in our facilities to guarantee immediate availability, office space with tools, and communications.



Consulting Services

Vermati has the right Technical and Engineering Professionals ready to supervise, manage, train , and organize teams to provide complete project cosulting and complete execution teams:

  • Design and engineering
  • CAD and CAE
  • Product development
  • Prototyping and Testing
  • Design for Manufacturing
  • Manufacturing Support
  • Compliance support and implementation.
  • Quality control and plan implementation.
  • Safety programs implementation and support
  • Contingency and Risk Management programs implementation and support
  • Human Resources

In addition, We will help you design and implement the following processes:

    • Strategic Planning
    • Strategy Deployment Hoshin Kanri
    • Growth and Innovation
    • Lean Manufacturing
    • Sales Management
    • 4DX Disciplines of execution
    • Project Management
    • New product development process AQPQ
    • Talent Management & succession planning process
    • Product Management / product life cycle management PLCM
    • Manufacturing footprint optimization & facility transfers
    • M&A integrations

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

Over a decade experience as a Business Process Outsourcing provider and developer.

Staff is the most important asset in a BPO and we are experts in sourcing and managing personnel.  Our agents have the experience you need to succeed, which they have gained from servicing companies like AT&T, Lenovo, Greyhound, Cisco providing branded or non-branded:

  • Technical Support
  • Engineering Teams
  • CAD/CAE Teams
  • Software Design, Programming, and testing.
  • Backoffice services.

Next Steps...

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